Ancient Pagan Soul

Ancient Pagan Soul

You deserve to live your best life – whatever that looks like for you. You deserve to feel worthy, abundant, and powerful.  Let’s make that happen together.  You deserve the best, you magnificent soul. 

My Philosophy

Throughout most of our lives we’re told we “should” do this or that and are sometimes manipulated by guilt.  We spend so much time doing what we “should” that we lose track of who we really are.  We forget what our dreams were and simply don’t have the energy to follow them.  I believe letting go of the “shoulds” is a huge step in discovering who you really are and following your dreams.  Only then can you live your best life, your most authentic life.  It’s not always easy to let go of all those “shoulds” but it can be done.  Let’s work together and make it happen.

My Approach

Using the teachings of the Medicine Wheel, Ancient Wisdom, Shamanism, and Witchcraft, I will help you to discover a different perspective on your life and any situations therein that you have a concern about.  I’ll also help you gain clarity, recognize any blocks you may have and show you how to move through and past those blocks.   Before our session ends, we’ll discuss your next best steps, and I’ll suggest tools for your soul growth.

Coaching Service

Shamanic Coaching

Using the teachings of the Medicine Wheel, Ancient Wisdom, Shamanism, and Witchcraft, I will help you
to discover a different perspective on your life and any situations therein that you have a concern about.


Celebrant Services

Whether cross-cultural, Celtic, Christian, or Pagan, I will make sure your ceremony is an authentic reflection of both of you as individuals and as a couple.


Sigils & Spells

I will create a custom sigil or spell tailored to fit your needs. Using ancient wisdom and my soul-knowledge of witchcraft.


House Cleansings/Blessings

I offer an energy cleanse for every type of living situation. From a blessing of a new home to a heavy duty cleanse meant for homes in which trauma or sadness has occured. I would like to have a moment with you to talk about your needs so I can prepare myself ahead of the cleanse.


Happy Clients


“I’d heard about people experiencing strange happenings in their homes, but I’d never experienced it myself until I moved into my home.  While alone in the house, I kept hearing voices, sounds and even music.  I thought I was crazy.  When a visiting friend heard the music and asked what was playing, I knew I wasn’t crazy.  I was, however, at a total loss as to what to do.  A friend of mine told me about Betty and what she does, so I contacted her.  Morrigan was super helpful and put me at ease immediately.  She explained what she would do and about how long it would take.  I didn’t stay in the house while she did her work.  The house is rather small and I didn’t want to be in the way.  I don’t know what exactly she did, but I do know that when I stepped back into my home 3 hours later, I immediately felt the difference.  I hadn’t realized how oppressive and dense the energy was in my home until I walked in and felt how light and welcoming it now was.  Since then, I haven’t heard any strange noises, voices or music that I haven’t played.  I would highly recommend Morrigan.  She’s a pleasure to work with and did a fantastic job.” 

– Clara Young

“Morrigan has such a passion for the work she does as well as the people she serves.  I couldn’t be more proud of someone utilizing the teachings of the Medicine Wheel and the Certification Program than I am of Morrigan and how she cares for the work she does.  I trust her even with my own soul work”

– Dakota Earthcloud Walker

Morrigan is an amazing woman.  I was led to her after searching for help with a situation that most people would neither have understood or believed.  She listened carefully and compassionately.  She performed a ceremony that helped rid a home of anquish.  Her highly-tuned intuition and knowledge of meta-physical energy is a gift that she is willing to share to serve others”

– Terry Tucker

“Morrigan is amazing! She met with me and my now husband several times prior to our handfasting. She made sure it included everything we wanted as well as making any suggestions she thought would make the ceremony more meaningful.  Morrigan performed our handfasting ceremony and we are so thankful to her for making it such a memorable, love filled and spiritual day. Betty provides me and my family with insightful and genuine counsel and we couldn’t be more thankful for her presence in our lives. I have never met a more caring, open-minded, intelligent, and strong woman. She embodies everything that is wonderful and beautiful in this world.”


– Amanda Schroeder

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My Journey

I’ll leave this right here….discuss. ⁠

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Why are witches everywhere this month? Why do so many women allow themselves to be witchy this month but not the rest of the year? The easy answer: because it’s safe; it’s socially acceptable to “play witch” this month. The real answer, I think, is because it’s a chance for women to truly step into their power. This month they can safely embrace their power and not be told to be quiet, sit down, shut up. If you’re one of those women, what might happen if you extend your witchiness past Oct. 31? What might happen if you show up powerful every day? Every. F@^k*ng. Day. Think about it. I’ll wait….⁠

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Ahhhhh….the comfort zone. Everybody loves dwelling in the comfort zone. That’s all well and good except (you knew that was coming, right?) the comfort zone is rarely the place that growth happens. Actually, it’s rarely the place that anything powerful happens. So, what will it take for you to move out of your comfort zone? What will it take for you to step up, step out, and show the world what a powerful, magnificent person you are? The world needs you right now….step out...I’ve got your back. ⁠

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When crows first began showing up for me, it always meant that change, transformation, and sometimes even magic, were afoot. For the past couple of years, crows have followed me nearly everywhere I go. Even in the most unexpected places, at least one but usually three, crows show up. In Shamanism and Witchcraft, crows are associated with life mysteries and magic. As a spirit or totem animal, crows support us in developing the power of sight, transformation, and life’s magic. Crows are also known to be the animal of choice of shamans who have the power to manipulate the law of the physical universe and practice shape-shifting. I count myself blessed that the crow has chosen me. Which animal has chosen you? What messages do you receive from it?⁠

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