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If someone had told my childhood self, even my young adult self, that this is what my life would look like now, I never would have believed them.  My path through this lifetime has been fraught with trauma, loss, feelings of inadequacy, lack of self-worth and lots of labels that never fit.  It was hard, but I did the work and now, I’m not only surviving, I’m thriving.  It is possible. 

About Me

Morrigan RavenHeart

Shamanic Coach – Celtic Shamanic Witch – Celebrant

I have long felt the call of a deep spirituality and communion with nature. I was raised in the Bible Belt of the southern United States and was taught as a child that all spirituality must come from one religion. I tried, for many, many years, I tried. I was given the titles of Deaconess, Worship Team Member and even Elder, but the labels never quite fit right. Life events gave me the opportunity to shed those labels and discover who I really am. I discovered that first, shedding those labels isn’t as easy as one might think, and second, I had no idea how to find my true self.

In my deepest soul, I always felt the call to Witchcraft, the ancient earth-based spirituality, but years of brain-washing made me hesitant and extremely fearful to even dip my toes in the water, so to speak. Over 4 years ago, one dark, but not stormy, night, I literally electronically stumbled across Dakota Earth Cloud Walker’s web site. Even though, and probably because, Dakota didn’t mention witchcraft, but earth-based spirituality was obvious, my intuition jumped up and yelled, “YES!”

Now, I am the Resident Witch of, and a Shamanic Coach for, the Gaia Wisdom School Tribe. I am passionate about helping adults of all ages discover who they are beyond the labels and helping them to reclaim and step into their power. Whatever that looks like for them.

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Interesting Facts Morrigan RavenHeart


Loves to hike and be out in nature

Book Dragon – as opposed to Book Worm

Collects and is passionate about antique books

Adopted at birth

Worked as an Estimator in the Re-Construction industry

Has a beautiful grandson who is an old soul

Loves to re-finish & re-purpose old furniture & other stuff

Ordained Minister

Reads “Tale of Two Cities” every year for her birthday

Does most home repairs herself


Asheville, North Carolina

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