This new moon in air sign Libra gives us an opportunity to find balance and   equilibrium in our lives.  As we move towards Samhain and then the dark winter months, this is a perfect time to reflect on our lives and what our energy is expended on.  Are you expending as much energy on your own life and growth as you are on work, children, relationships, etc?  You deserve the best you have to give.  Are you getting it or is someone/something else?  

New Moon Ritual

You’ll Need: 

  • Brown or white candle
  • Geranium flowers or oil
  • Two small bowls
  • Edible seeds or nuts (sunflower seeds would be ideal)

 If you’re using geranium flowers, set them around your candle and then light it.  If you’re using geranium oil, anoint your candle with it and then light the candle.  

 Call in your Spirit Guides, Helping Spirits and/or Angels, if you desire.  Settle into your sacred space and allow your gaze to soften as you watch the candle flame.  Turn your thoughts towards where you expend your energy.  For each act of self-care or self-love you do, put a seed or nut in one bowl – the “you” bowl.  For each act you do for others, whether it be work, loved ones, whatever, put a seed or nut in the other bowl.  

 Once you’ve finished placing the seeds in the bowls, compare the two.  Does your bowl have as many seeds as the other bowl?  Where is most of your energy expended?  Does this need to change?  Determine now to make any needed changes before the full moon.  Blow your intentions for change (like Shaman mantras) into the seeds and eat them at your leisure.  

 Snuff out your candle and thank your Guides, Helping Spirits & Angels.  


~Blessed Be!