This ritual is offered as a guideline – please adapt it (use your creativity) to fit your needs.  

Full Wolf Moon Ritual

Begin by taking a ritual bath.  Create sacred space in your bathroom by lighting candles around the bathtub.  Add epsom salts, sage, lemongrass and water from a previous full moon to the bath water.  As you soak in the tub, let any mental or emotional detritus, self-limiting thoughts and behavior patterns, left from last year fall into the water.  This bath is cleansing your mind, heart and soul as well as your body.  When you’re finished with the bath, watch the water drain out of the tub and know that the mental and emotional detritus is going with the water.  Those self-limiting thoughts and patterns are gone.  Blow out the candles and dress for outside.  

Go outside under the full moon.  Get comfortable, ground yourself and soak in the energy of this moon.  When you’re ready, chant the following 3 times: 

“Grandmother Moon, illuminate my mind and my heart so that I may see.  I invite my Spirit Guides/the Divine/Spirit/God/Source to commune with me”

Let your gaze rest on the moon.  Pay attention to any sensations you feel and thoughts that come to you.  When you feel the presence of the Spirit(s) you invited, begin an inner (or outer) dialogue with them.  Stay as long as you like.  When you’re ready to leave, be sure to thank the Spirits as you bid them farewell.  When you return indoors, journal about your experience.  

As always, don’t forget to put out water to be charged by the moon and any tools, stones, jewelry, etc that needs to be cleansed by the full moon energy.  

Blessed Be!