New moons mean new beginnings.  Today’s new moon is extra powerful because it’s the first new moon, the leading lunation, of the year.  This is a time to leave the past behind and immerse yourself in the energy of rebirth. Open yourself to abundance and all of the possibilities unfolding in your life.  For this important, powerful new moon, I offer the following ritual: 

You’ll need: 

  • Sage or palo santo
  • White candle
  • Pen/pencil/colored pencils/markers
  • Paper

To begin, smudge yourself and your sacred space with either sage or palo santo.  Open a circle if you feel lead to.  Call in your Spirit Guides, Archangels and/or helping spirits.  Light the white candle.  As you gaze into the flame,  concentrate on what you want to manifest, to birth, bring forth, or experience in this coming year.  Continue gazing into the flame until you get a very clear picture, or pictures, of what you’re intending to manifest.  Once the picture becomes as clear as possible, imagine how you’ll feel when that happens.  Tap into that emotion and allow it to fill your heart and mind.  Now, go to your paper and pen/pencil/colored pencils/markers and write or draw what it is that you intend to manifest.  Be as creative as you’d like.  If you know how and would like to, you can create a sigil that represents your intention.  Once your drawing or writing is complete, give thanks to the Universe for your intention becoming reality.  Thank your Guides and/or any entities you called in to support you in this process and close the circle (if you opened one).  Snuff out your candle; please don’t blow it out, you’ll blow away your intentions.  Place your writing/drawing/sigil on your altar or in a place that you’ll see it every day.  Every time you see it, remember and visualize that intention coming to reality.  

Blessed Be!