Today’s New Moon in Pisces is the last New Moon of winter. It may have you feeling disjointed and unbalanced.  You might also see a division between your perception of your life and your physical reality.  This is the ideal time to let go of things that no longer serve you, fear, and procrastination.  To assist with that, I offer the following ritual: 

You’ll need: 

A blue or white candle

Strips of paper

Writing instrument

Cauldron or fire proof bowl

Dragons Blood incense or oil

Open a circle if you feel led to do so.  While you light the candle, invite your Guides and any Helping Spirits to be with you.  

Settle yourself; take 3 deep, cleansing breaths.  Focus on the candle flame and think about your life right now.  Does your perception of your life actually match the physical reality of it? Ask your Guides to show you where there may be inconsistencies.  As they come to mind, write them down.  On one strip of paper write down the aspect of your life that you want to be true.  On another strip of paper write down what is actually true (for example: “I have a soul-fulfilling job that I love” might be what you want to be true.  “My job is draining and I don’t love it” might be what is actually true).  Put these strips of paper in two separate piles.  

When you’ve finished writing everything down, use the candle flame to burn the pieces of paper on which the “not so great realities” are written.  Drop them in the cauldron or fire proof bowl to finish burning.  

Anoint the other pieces of paper with dragons blood incense or oil.  As you anoint them, picture in your mind what your life will look like when these things happen.  Feel it in your body. Place these pieces of paper on your altar until the full moon.  

Thank your Spirit Guides and any Helping Spirits you called in.  Close the circle if you opened one and snuff (don’t blow) out your candle.  

~Blessed Be!