Today’s new moon in Aries is a time of rebirth, renaissance, fearlessness and independence.  Use these new moon energies to begin manifesting your biggest, most daring dreams.  Be fearless and bold in your dreaming.  You can also use this new moon energy to release or banish anything that’s holding you back, whether that’s thought patterns, habits or relationships.  I offer the following simple ritual as a guideline.  Please adopt as necessary to make it your own and perfect for you.  

New Moon Ritual

You’ll need: 

  • Yellow candle (white will do if you don’t have yellow)
  • Almonds
  • Fireproof bowl or cauldron
  • Strips of paper and writing instrument

Light your candle, invite your Guides to be with you, and settle in to your space.  Ground yourself if necessary.  

Focus on the candle flame and allow yourself to dream of all that you want to manifest.  Dream big, be bold & fearless.  As these dreams enter your mind, examine what’s holding you back from turning those dreams into goals and then achievements.  Is it fear?  Self-doubt?  Lack mentality?  Restrictive relationships that inhibit you?  Write those things down on the strips of paper.  Once you’ve written them all down, use the candle flame to set them on fire, one by one.  Place them in your fireproof bowl or cauldron to finish burning.  As they burn, determine in your mind to work and move through those things that hold you back.  

Now, bring those big dreams to mind again.  As you recall each dream, each thing you want to manifest, pick up an almond.  Say your dream out loud, blow your intention into the almond and eat it.  If you’d like, you can also state the steps you need to take to manifest those dreams.  Blow those intentions into the almonds and eat them.  Allow the almonds to represent a tangible manifestation of your dreams.  Let the dreams truly become one with your body.  Once you’ve finished, thank your Guides and snuff out your candle.  As you resume your normal activities, remember that you now carry a tangible embodiment of your dreams inside of you.  They are now nurturing you.