You have magick at your fingertips!  You knew that, right?  Along with all the other correspondences you can use in a spell, deciding which hand & which finger to use to anoint, trace, motion, etc can make a quite a difference. In general, use your left hand to channel more passive or subtle energy and your right hand to channel more active energy.  For example, if you’re in the planning stage, use your left hand.  If you’re ready to make a move now, use your right hand.  To get more specific, each finger also has its own magickal essence:


Left hand:                                                                       Right hand:

Index finger – confidence                                           Index finger – leadership

Middle finger – concentration                                   Middle finger – focus

Ring finger – Inspiration                                             Ring finger – creativity

Pinky finger – Spirituality                                           Pinky finger – power


As always, the more correspondences you can use in a spell, the more powerful it will be.  Spells are, after all, a way of aligning with the energy of the Universe in order to bring about our desired result.  The more ways we can get in alignment, the more powerful the energy will be.


Blessed Be!