I see you

I’m watching your body shift as you decide

What’s safe to say

Which words are socially acceptable

Which words will hint at your pain

Without actually expressing the pain…

I want to tell you that it’s okay

I want to give you the words

I want to speak them for you


They must be your words

And it must be okay for you

All of that pain,

Locked behind the door you call safety

The key buried so deeply because

Well, that was easier

But now…buried key or not

The door wants to open

The pain wants out

I see you

I see the shadow in your eyes

I feel the heaviness in your soul

I’m here

I don’t have magick words that will make the pain go away

I don’t have solutions

My ego, it thinks we have all the answers

My heart, it knows we don’t

My soul, in this silence, will listen

The magick, it isn’t in my “here’s your solution”

The magick is in this silence

This liminal space between us

This moment when you reach for my hand

Your eyes lock onto mine

And the words begin to come

And the tears…

And the real magick begins