Today’s full moon rises in Virgo, the most meticulous and organized of the signs.  The energy of this moon will help you get clarity and stay motivated to meet your goals, follow through on those New Years resolutions, and achieve your dreams.   

Full Snow Moon in Virgo Ritual: 

You’ll need:

 Blue or White Candle       

 Rosemary/peppermint/lemon balm oil    

Sticky notes or small pieces of paper      

Writing instrument

Before you begin, please be sure the space you’re working in is tidy & clean.  Open a circle if you feel led to.  Invite your Guides and any Helping Spirits you’d like to join you.  

Anoint your candle with rosemary, peppermint or lemon balm oil – or all 3 if you have them.  

Light your candle and focus with laser intensity on the flame.  See your goals met and your dreams as having come true.  Once you have a clear picture in your head as to what your life will look like once those things are accomplished, begin thinking about the steps you need to take to achieve your goals.  Get as detailed as possible.  When the details come to mind, write them down on the pieces of paper or sticky notes.  Don’t worry about putting them in the correct order yet; just get the steps down on paper.  

Once you have all of the steps written down, put them in order: which step needs to happen first, which second, etc.  Now place the sticky notes or pieces of paper in order in a place that you’ll see them every day.  

Thank your Guides and any Helping Spirits you invited in, snuff out your candle and close your circle.  

In the coming days, as you accomplish each step, remove that piece of paper and give gratitude.  Dispose of the paper by either burning it or burying it.  If you’re going to bury them, you might want to save them until all of the steps have been completed and then bury them together.  


As always, don’t forget to cleanse your tools and charge some water with the full moon energy.  


Blessed Be!