Today’s Full Moon of Winds, or Full Worm Moon, falls in the airy sign of Libra.  This first full moon of spring puts a focus on relationships and beauty.  As with all full moons, it helps to illuminate situations around us.  Today, instead of concentrating on what we’d like to manifest, let’s concentrate on gratitude.  It’s the first full moon of spring and we have so much to be grateful for.  Also, gratitude is one of the major components of manifesting so who knows, we might just manifest after all.  

Full Moon of Winds Ritual: 

You’ll Need: 

Yellow or white candle

Holy Basil or Wild Cherry oil

Paper & writing instrument

Open a circle if you feel so inclined.  If you choose not to open a circle, call in your Spirit Guides and any other Helping Spirits you work with.  

Settle into your sacred space being sure to set aside any distractions (both mental and physical).  Anoint your candle with the Holy Basil or Wild Cherry oil (or both) and light the candle.  

As you gaze into the flame, call to mind everything that you have to be grateful for.  As things come to mind, write them down on your paper.  From the biggest to the smallest things, write them all down.  Ask your Guides to show you things that you’ve missed.  When you’ve finished writing them all down, read them all aloud with the phrase, “I am grateful for….”.  Feel your heart open and swell with immense gratitude.  Stay in that moment, that space, as long as you need to.  

When you’re ready, snuff out your candle (please don’t blow it out), give thanks to your Guides and Helping Spirits and close your circle if you opened one.  

Place your paper on your altar to remind yourself of all the things you have to be grateful for and strive to hold gratitude in your heart as often as possible.  

As always, don’t forget to set any tools or stones out to cleanse and  water to charge under the full moon. 

~Blessed Be!