This month’s full moon in Pisces may cause your emotions to feel all over the place and maybe even out of control.  The energy of this moon also heightens our psychic abilities and our intuitions.  If you’re an empath, you might also, more than usual, be picking up on other people’s emotions.  Let’s use the energy of this moon to get clear on what’s ours & what’s not and to get a better understanding of where we need to go from here.  


Full Moon Ritual

 You’ll Need:

Items to create an altar or sacred space (candles, crystals, herbs, magickal tools, etc)

Blanket or something to sit on

 If possible, this ritual should be done outside in the light of the full moon.  Don’t worry about cloud cover; you’ll still get the effects of the moon’s energy.  If you can’t go outside, position yourself in front of a window in which you can see the moonlight.  

 Use the items you’ve chosen to create an altar or sacred space around you.  Settle yourself into the space either sitting or standing, whichever you prefer.  

 Take 3 slow, deep, cleansing breaths.  Feel your feet or your sit bones planted firmly on Mother Earth.  With every inhale, focus on filling your body with the Moon’s light and energy.  With every exhale, let go of emotions that aren’t yours or that aren’t serving you right now.  

 As you bathe in the light of the full moon, allow your intuition to speak to you.  What has served you well this past month or this summer?  What hasn’t served you well?  What do you need to let go of as you move toward autumn and then winter?  What do you need to begin or start again?  Allow the thoughts to come and go as they will without judgement.  

 When you feel finished (yes, you will feel it…let your intuition tell you), thank this beautiful moon for her energy and light.  Gather your things and take them back inside.  If you so desire, spend some time journaling about the information you got during your ritual.  

 As always, don’t forget to put out water to be charged and any tools, crystals or stones that need to be cleansed in the light of the full moon.  


Blessed Be!