Today’s full moon, the first of the summer, brings in energy that makes it hard to see clearly what lies ahead.  This isn’t to make things difficult, even though it may feel like it, it’s to remind us to slow down and get a different perspective.  Capricorn energy is all about nurturing those things in our lives that will stand the test of time.  This full moon is the perfect time to take advantage of our new perspective and determine what we want to build on for our future.  With that in mind, I offer the following ritual:

You’ll Need: 

Red candle (white will do if you don’t have red)

Sage or Lavender oil

8 ½ x 11 (or larger) piece of paper


Ground yourself in whatever way works best for you and then settle into your sacred space.  If you’d like, call in your Guides or Helping Spirits. 

Anoint your candle with sage or lavender oil and then light it.  As you focus on the flame, meditate on the things in your life that you intend will stand the test of time, i.e.: your love relationship, career/business, family, home.  Once you have  these things firmly in your mind, write them down in the middle of your piece of paper. Feel free to be creative here – use symbols or colors instead of words if that feels more natural to you.  

Below the words or symbols, write or draw things that you would like to manifest that will create a more firm foundation for your item.  For example: for a love relationship – establishing weekly check-ins with your partner.  

 Above the words or symbols, write or draw things that will build on the foundation you’ve already established.  For example: for your business/career – add a new marketing campaign or take a class on something that will grow your business/career.  

 Once you’ve finished, fold your paper into thirds and seal it with some wax from your candle.  Snuff (don’t blow) out your candle and give gratitude to your Guides & Helping  Spirits.  

 Weather permitting, place the paper outside to be charged with this full moon’s energy.  The next morning, place the paper on your altar until the next full moon.

 As always, don’t forget to put out water to be charged and tools, crystals, etc to be cleansed by the full moon.  


~Blessed Be!