(Note: this ritual can also be done on New Year’s Eve)

 You’ll need:

 White or Silver candle

Bowl of water or your favorite divination tool(s)

Pen & several sheets of paper

Cauldron, fireplace or fireproof bowl

Dragon’s Blood oil or incense

Open a circle and/or ask your Spirit Guides to be with you.

 Light your candle and focus on the flame.  As you watch the flame, concentrate on your emotions.  What are you feeling right now?  Allow the emotions to come and go; don’t judge any as good or bad, simply allow.  Pay attention to the intense emotions.  Ask your Guides to show you why these emotions feel so intense.  What can you learn from them? 

 When you’re ready, set your intention that you will be shown not only the things you need to leave behind in this current year, but also the things you want to carry forward or manifest in the coming year.  Use your favorite divination tool or scry with the bowl of water to discover what needs to be left behind and what to carry forward.  Please keep an open mind and follow your intuition.  Your Guides may show you things you don’t want to deal with; be honest with yourself, allow the information to come through. 

 On one piece of paper, write down all of the things that need to be left behind, whether they’re habits, thought patterns, relationships, behaviors – anything you don’t want to carry forward. 

 On another piece of paper, write down what you want to carry forward and what you want to manifest in the coming year. 

 When you feel as though your lists are finished, burn the list of things you’re leaving behind.  Light the paper with the candle flame and then release it into your cauldron, fireplace, etc. Watch the paper burn and know in your heart and mind that those things are no longer part of your life. 

 Now use the list of things you do want to carry forward or manifest to create a sigil for yourself for the new year.  Be as creative as you’d like in the design and placement of the sigil.  When the sigil is complete, anoint it with Dragon’s Blood oil or incense to strengthen it.  Place the sigil so that you’ll see it every day. 

 Thank your Guides for their wisdom and close your circle, if you’ve opened one. 

 Blessed Be!