Today’s moon isn’t only full, it’s a supermoon and a total lunar eclipse. An absolute powerhouse of lunar energy.  This moon rises in Sagittarius which rules the higher mind & wisdom.  It gives us the opportunity to focus on the bigger picture and gain a more expansive point of view.  Eclipses represent portals that push us to a higher elevation of the soul.  These energies brought together give us a wonderful opportunity to see the bigger picture and move confidently towards growth and abundance.  In this lovely lunar light, I offer the following ritual: 


You’ll Need: 

  • A brown candle (white will do if you don’t have brown)
  • Construction paper/cardstock/regular paper
  • Pen/brown marker/brown crayon
  • Scissors

Settle into your sacred space. As you light your candle, call in your Spirit Guides, Angels or Helping Spirits.  

Focus on the flame of the candle.  Allow your vision to soften as you gaze into the flame.  As your vision softens, allow your mind’s eye to soar high above you.  Look at your life from this perspective – see the big picture.  Where does growth need to happen?  What do you want that growth to look like? 

The Sagittarius arrow of the archer allows us to set our intentions and aim our arrow in the direction we wish to go.  Once you have a clear goal in mind, draw an arrow on your paper.  Make it big enough to write inside of it.  Something like this: 


Write your goal for growth inside of your arrow and then use the scissors to cut your arrow out.  Place the arrow outside under the full moon to charge. Snuff out your candle, thank and release your Spirit Guides, Helping Spirits and Angels. 

In the morning, place your arrow on your altar.  Leave it there until you feel as though you’ve reached your goal for growth.  

 As always, and especially for this supermoon, don’t forget to put your crystals, stones, magickal tools and water out to cleanse and charge.  


Blessed Be!