Today’s full moon is again in Aquarius.  Planetary alignment with Jupiter makes this full moon the ideal time to think outside of the box in regards to our intimate relationships.  Having just celebrated the first harvest on Lammas, it’s also a wonderful time to practice gratitude.  In that light, I offer the following ritual:  (a ritual at the link below: )

Full Corn Moon Ritual 

You’ll need: 

  •  Gold or orange candle (white will do if you don’t have gold or orange)
  • Glass, ceramic or metal bowl (no plastic please)
  • Glass or metal jar with lid
  • Water
  • Writing instrument
  • At least two sheets of paper

 This ritual can be performed either outside or inside.  Outside under the light of the full moon is preferable.  

 Fill your bowl with water and place it in front of your candle.  Call in your Guides & Helping Spirits while you light the candle.  

 Settle into your space.  Allow your gaze to soften as you direct your eyes to the water in the bowl.  Think about your intimate relationship with your partner (if you’re currently single, think about your relationship with yourself).  What’s working?  What’s going really well?  Write those things down on a piece of paper.  Once your list is complete, read aloud each thing you’ve written, one at a time, and blow them into the water in the bowl.  When you’ve read them all, pour the water from the bowl into your jar and put the lid on it.  Set that aside for a moment.  

 Allow your gaze to soften once again as you watch the candle flame.  Now think about what could be improved in your relationship and how you can go about improving them.  Think outside the box, especially if the methods you’ve been using aren’t working.  Write those things down on another piece of paper.  Fold that paper into thirds.  

 Thank your Guides & Helping Spirits and snuff out your candle. 

 Place the jar with water outside under the full moon.  Place the paper with the “needed improvements” underneath the jar.  Over the next few days, as time and opportunity allow, share both your gratitudes and your “let’s fix this” items with your partner.  Also share the moon charged gratitude water with your partner and sip on that while you talk.  

~Blessed Be!