I think, therefore I am, but, am I? 

I dream of worlds greater than this

Do they dream of me? 

I imagine, I see so clearly in my mind

My life filled with love, deep joy,

Heart-felt laughter, soul aching growth

Working but not really because I love it so

I hold these images in my mind and my heart

My soul whispers of possibilities

My logical mind, the nay-sayer, shakes it’s head and offers only 

“girl, seriously?”

Yet, looking back over the years I see happenings

That really, truly…I don’t know how they happened

Or why. 

I’m only grateful, hugely, heart-stoppingly grateful that they did.

If I hadn’t imagined way back then, if I hadn’t felt what it would feel like

If I’d listened to the nay-sayer, heeded the “you’re not worthy” and 

“not…no…never good enough”

Where would I be?  

Would I know the magick that I contain?

Would I know the power?

Would I still be able to hold the dreams, nurture them lovingly

And watch them come alive?

I think not.

And so, I politely yet firmly tell the nay-sayer voice to fuck off 

And I close that door 

I have dreams

I have goals

And I know the power that I hold