You’ll Need:

  • Cauldron or fireproof bowl
  • Herbs to burn.  Suggested herbs are frankincense & lavender (Incense may be used in lieu of herbs)
  • Items to create a May pole – found wood, rainbow colored ribbons, crystal for the top (if desired)
  • In lieu of creating a May pole, brightly colored ribbons may be woven into your hair or used to decorate your altar
  • Brightly colored flowers, crystals & items to decorate your altar or sacred space

What to do:

(Please be sure to use caution when working with fire.  Keep water or sand on hand in case anything goes awry.)

Set your intentions for this ritual.  Where would you like fertility to blossom in your life?  What do you want to grow, create, bring forth?  Hold the intentions in your mind and heart.

Create your own sacred May pole.  During the creation process, be mindful of what you’re doing.  What steps are you taking to bring the May pole into being?  What steps do you need to take to bring your goals and dreams to fruition?

Decorate your altar or sacred space with brightly colored items such as flowers, crystals, candles, and ribbons and/or your newly created May pole.

Burn the herbs in your cauldron or light the incense.  As the wonderful fragrance surrounds you, sit in meditation. If you wish, invite your Guides into this sacred space.  Feel the power of your sacred, inner fire. Picture in your mind what your life would look like if your goals and dreams were to burst fully into bloom.  Visualize that blooming in as much detail as possible.  When the picture is clear, give gratitude to your guides, Mother Earth and the energies of the East, of Spring.  In the following days, take the actions needed to bring your goals & dreams into reality.

~Blessed Be!