A Spell for Your Altar

Altars are spaces devoted to deities, magick and/or spiritualities.  When we create an altar we place tools, images and symbols on it that represent the deity, magick or spirituality.  If we don’t change or clean our altars on a regular basis they can become stagnant and downright dusty.  To help  awaken the spirit of your altar I offer this spell: 

You’ll need:

  • A small piece of paper and pen/marker(s) in the color(s) of your choice
  • Dragon’s Blood incense or oil

Ground and center yourself.  If you haven’t done so recently, remove everything from your altar and clean it thoroughly.  Concentrate on the purpose of your altar & use your creativity and intuition when deciding what to put back and what new items you’ll add.  

 On your piece of paper, draw a pentagram.  In the center of the pentagram, draw an eye.  Anoint your drawing with dragon’s blood oil or bathe it in the smoke of dragon’s blood incense.  While you’re doing this, chant the following 3 times: 

“Sacred space awaken – may this altar be a threshold between the worlds”

When you’re finished, place the piece of paper somewhere on your altar.  

Blessed Be!