Today’s Dark Moon in Taurus intensifies our need for stability, practicality and getting our mundane tasks in order, including banishing negative patterns and undesirable situations.  To that end, I offer the following ritual:

 You’ll Need: 

 White Candle

Square of paper

Black pepper

Black pen

Fireproof surface for candle (large stone tray, baking sheet, etc)

 Settle into your sacred space.  If you feel so inclined, call in your Guides or Helping Spirits.  

Spend a few moments thinking about your life as it is right now.  What’s working?  What isn’t?  What needs to change?  What are you willing to let go of so that you can experience the needed change?  When you have those answers, write on your square of paper: 

 “I now release all that no longer serves my highest good.  I consciously and mindfully choose to release ______________________.  I also release any resistance to positive change. “

 In the blank, write what it is that you’re willing to release, i.e.: negative thought patterns, harmful habits, dysfunctional relationships, etc. 

 Place the paper on your fireproof surface.  Sprinkle black pepper on the paper and then place the candle on top of the pepper & paper.  As you light the candle, repeat what you’ve written three times.  Thank your Guides and Helping Spirits and release them.  Let the candle burn all the way down.   When everything is cool and safe to handle, gather wax, paper, ashes, etc and bury at the corner of your property.  

 Blessed Be!